Safety First

A quick guide to safe shopping
during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

No reported cases of COVID-19 have been linked to contaminated food.
The main risk to shoppers is coming into contact with an infected person.
You are urged to wash your hands frequently, maintain good hygiene
practices and minimize contact with people outside of your household.
This guide will help you to stay safe and protect others when shopping
for essentials. Please note that this guide is based upon current advice at
the time of publication (31 March 2020).

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Before we begin shopping, we ensure that all vehicles are cleaned. It is important to sanitize all surfaces that we will come in contact with during the course of the sopping and delivery.

Additionally, all grocery carts are cleaned before shopping begins and each set of groceries is bought separately.

All shoppers are required to wash their hands thoroughly before they begin shopping and to change their gloves often.

All shoppers will have their temperatures checked before beginning to shop.

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We try to avoid peak shopping times, although it may now be difficult to determine when these are. We have established relationships with most of the major supermarkets and are allowed to enter without joining the lines and being in the crowd.

If other shoppers are closing in on our safe social distancing space, we move away or remind them of the requirement in a calm, friendly and polite manner.

We use gloves to handle all items, especially your fruits and vegetables, which we choose with care.

We sanitize our hands on leaving the supermarket (if possible) and again when we get into the delivery vehicle.

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If we are shopping for a vulnerable person, we leave the shopping on the doorstep, ring the bell or phone them and stand back while they collect it.

We encourage our users to wipe shelving with sanitiser and a paper towel, prior to stocking your fridges and cupboards,then discard. We also encourage them to thoroughly clean non packaged items before use.

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